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VideoLocalize wins the Process Innovation Challenge at LocWorld Barcelona

June 20, 2017, Toronto – Boffin, an Asian language provider, is pleased to announce that it has been named the LocWorld Process Innovator 2017 by winning the prestigious Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) at LocWorld in Barcelona, Spain. George Zhao, President and co-founder of Boffin, demonstrated a simpler, less time-consuming process of localizing video using its new VideoLocalize platform. Calling this new innovative process "Interpreting Video", Zhao combined the translation, voiceover and post-engineering aspects of the video localization process into one simple step.locworld_1200x659.jpg

Held on June 15-16, 2017, the Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) is a fast and furious competition, taking the top 6 out of the 35 innovation entries and shortlisting them down to two finalists. The top two then goes through to the final round on day two. The winner, chosen by three Process Dragons and the audience, is then named the LocWorld Process Innovator 2017. Boffin beat out the other finalist, a Microsoft innovation, with its cost-saving and time-saving approach to video localization, to take this coveted title. 

"Video localization has always been a complicated process," says Zhao. "My idea to merge translation and voiceover recording by using an interpreter instead has never been done before. It's only possible because of the VideoLocalize platform."

With VideoLocalize's innovative technology, one can significantly simplify the video localization process by merging the translation and voice-over recording aspects into one process: direct interpretation into the tool. The synchronization feature automatically adjusts the video and voice over recording lengths so that they match. Usually, this part of the process would have to be done manually, requiring hours of tedious work.

About VideoLocalize

VideoLocalize is the world's first video translation management system that allows you to manage the whole process of video localization. It automates transcription, timing, subtitling, translation, text-to-speech, and audio video synchronization.

In addition to the project management environment, VideoLocalize also provides different level of voiceover talent pool, giving project managers the tools and online workspace they need to complete video localization projects faster and at a far lower cost than before.

VideoLocalize's mission is to make video localization faster and more cost-effective. In 2016, VideoLocalize won the coveted TAUS Innovation Excellence Award, and became recognized in the translation industry as a 'Game Changer'.

For more information and a free trial, please visit www.videoLocalize.com

About Boffin

Founded in China in 1996 and headquartered in Toronto, Boffin Language Group Inc. has secured a strong niche position and a reputation as a reliable provider of high-quality translation and localization services, primarily for the Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean and Japanese languages. Boffin is also an established engineering service provider, handling software localization, QA testing, DTP, and audio/video engineering as well.

For more information, please visit www.boffin.com.